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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

Wolverhampton IT Services GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)
GDPR Wolverhampton IT

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

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Is your company GDPR Compliant?

GDPR Wolverhampton IT

By now, most companies are aware of the changes that were made to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) earlier this year. If you run any sort of company this applies to you, but the process doesn’t have to be complicated and confusing. We can help!

Using the recommended, simple to use online portal will help your company to achieve it’s data protection goals. goals in a more cost effective manner.

What does GDPR mean for my business?

GDPR applies to ALL organisations operating in the EU, or with EU data. Furthermore, it is essential to consider GDPR for small businesses, large organisations and charities etc. Likewise, failing to comply is not just about the fines. As any issues are likely to make a significant impact on your organisation’s reputation.

Here are some areas to consider:

  • You need an accurate record of all data operations and activities.
  • Proof that you have undertaken a data privacy impact assessment (PIA) for all systems and new projects.
  • Do you need a data protection officer (DPO)?
  • You must always inform the supervisory authority of a data breach.
  • All data processing systems and procedures must be reviewed.

VPM Data Protection


Wolverhampton IT Services will assist all clients signed up for the VPM Data Protection portal.

VPM are a certified team of data protection practitioners, delivering an affordable solution to help you achieve compliance. The software provides you with:

  • A top-down view for Senior Management.
  • 80+ pre-written and fully customisable Policy Templates.
  • Telephone Support – Additional Support will be provided by Wolverhampton I.T. Services. (when signing up via this website).
  • A Central Database for all of your documents.
  • Tracking, to monitor your progress towards compliance.

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